Downs Designs® and NBZ® Jeans - special clothes for special people


Our Adopt-A-Jean® Friday program is about educating those who are unaware of the dressing challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Through our program, individuals, groups or work places can sponsor jeans so we may donate to those in need. Click the button to learn more!


Downs Designs® Jeans are designed for the unique body shape of a person with Down syndrome. All jeans have no buttons, zippers or tags, a full elastic waistband, belt loops, mock fly and the denim is soft and stretchy. They are stylish and comfortable and instill confidence and independence in all who wear them! Our free try-on service promises a perfect!


NBZ® Jeans are a standard men’s and boy’s size jeans, but made with our unique soft, stretchy denim. There is no button, zipper or tag, They have a full elastic waistband, belt loops, a mock fly and well tolerated by most who have clothing sensitivities. They are stylish and comfortable jeans that even women can wear!


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