At last, our shipment finally arrives!

DOCK STRIKE OF 2014-2015


We, unfortunately, ended 2014 with a shipment of 6,000 of our new jeans caught up in a dock strike on the West Coast.  So January started out with a situation that was totally out of our control.  Our brand new styles of jeans that so many had been waiting for were now held hostage on a ship that was stuck in a work dispute.  They were finally delivered in early April.  It was a devastating situation for us but somehow we managed to muddle through.






I made the decision to change the direction of my two businesses, Downs Designs®, Inc. and NBZ® Jeans, Inc.   I felt that the nature of these businesses could better serve as a non-profit entity.  I wanted to do more than just sell jeans, I want to be a voice for all those individuals with disabilities or injuries who can't find clothes that meet their dressing needs and bring more awareness about this void in the fashion industry.


So January, I made a decision to file for a non-profit corporation.  Because I had no experience in this type of business platform, I hired someone who I thought was an expert in this field and thought she would be handling all the details to get the corporation set up.  It turned out that this person was not as knowledgeable as she had claimed so we moved ahead without her. 


That situation forced us to figure out how to set up this new business and the complex aspects of filing the application with the IRS by ourselves. With the help of my financial consultant, we managed to complete the application form by July, 2015. We named our new company Downs Designs Dreams.


We were told it could take up to 1 to 2 years to receive a non-profit 501(c)3 status.. But, through Divine intervention I'm sure, we received our determination letter in just 3 months! This was unbelievable!   Downs Designs® Jeans and NBZ® Jeans then became brand names sold by our new non-profit corporation Downs Designs Dreams. 


We also had to create a new website. So, information that customers may have entered in the original websites for either Downs Designs® or NBZ® Jeans is no longer available.  But, no worries, we maintain all records for every order in hard copy in our files.   If customers have questions about past orders, just a phone call to our office will solve the problem.     


As a newly formed non-profit entity, we created a program to be able to donate our special jeans to families who otherwise may not be able to afford them.  We call our program "Adopt-A-Jean" Friday.  How it works is someone fills out the entry form on our website and nominates someone else to receive a pair of either Downs Designs® Jeans or NBZ® Jeans. They must tell the story about  that person's struggles with clothing and how our jeans 


would make a difference. 


If there is someone who you think we can help, please send us your nomination.


Click here nominate:  Adopt-A-Jean Entry Form.


Then we share their stories on our social media and website so we can educate others how difficult getting dressed can be with off-the-rack clothing. 


Click here to read their stores


Now as a 501(c)3 non profit entity, all donations are 100% tax deductible. Through donations from others. we are able to provide a pair of jeans to several families every Friday.  If someone has Down syndrome we usually send them our Downs Designs® Jeans or for men and boys with disabilities such as autism, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, MS, arthritis, injuries, stroke victims, just to name a few, we send them NBZ® Jeans. We are changing lives one pair of jeans at a time!


If you have an organization, church group, club or your place of employment that is looking for a worthy cause to get involved, consider our Adopt-A-Jean program.  All the information is available on our website or call our office for assistance.  Do you know there are three million children in our schools with disabilities and 20% of our adult population is disabled.  So many of these individuals are struggling to find appropriate clothing that address their needs.  You can help!


Click here to learn how:  Adopt-A-Jean ... Get Involved 






Some of you have already had the pleasure of speaking to our newest staff member, William Herron.  How did we get so lucky?  William is a graduate of Lake Erie College and brings his education experience in sales and marketing and his Navy experience as a veteran to Downs Designs Dreams.  He has made it his personal mission to help our wounded and disabled veterans find better dressing solutions through NBZ® Jeans.  His new ideas are making a difference in so many ways.



He set up our Support-A-Veteran/Adopt-A-Jean Program and is connecting with veteran clinics and organizations all over the United States offering our NBZ® Jeans as donations.  


We recently donated 50 pairs of NBZ® Jeans to the local veteran hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  One of our local merchants, Jenniffer & Company, funded the entire donation!  Thank you, Jenniffer & Company.


Click here to learn more how to Support-A-Veteran





As we move through the holiday season, our next campaign is to put into production the newest phase of our clothing line.  We're going to make the long-needed black and khaki dress pants. 


But, we can't do it without our customers placing preorders during the month of January and February.  This will create the funding needed for 10,000 pants.  Without these preorders this won't be possible.  So far, every person I talk with is so excited and ready to purchase.  We're preparing the website now and will be accepting preorders in the next few weeks.  We will be doing a major email and phone campaign.  So to all our customers, once we announce the website is ready, place your preorders right away.





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