Families from across the country share their stories with us. Too often, independence comes at a high price for individuals with special needs and their families. Downs Designs Dreams provides clothing that allows those with special needs to dress independently and confidently. Every Friday, we donate our designer jeans to some of these families. We call it our Adopt-A-Jean® Friday project. Our jeans offer a clothing solution that fits properly, is sensory friendly, and fashionable. Our jeans are easy to manipulate with their custom features. As a non-profit, we are on a mission to increase the number of individuals and families we serve on a weekly basis. Did you know you can help those around you with this program?

Cerebral Palsy

Jade writes:  "Gavin was born in 2008 with numerous health issues including several birth defects. His main diagnoses are OpitzKaveggia syndrome (FG syndrome), Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder and he is visually impaired. He is a hilarious 7-year-old who is in 2nd grade at the Oklahoma School for the Blind. He loves Boy Scouts, adapted wrestling and his brothers. He struggles every day but never gives up. He always has a grin and a joke for everyone he meets and is the friendliest person. Gavin is our big blessing in our family." "My son struggles with fine motor and sensory issues. Also due to his syndrome he has a hypotonia belly that makes finding pants that fit very hard. He struggles to button big buttons and jean buttons are impossible for him to do. He also has severe sensory issues that makes buttons irritating to him and he can't tolerate them. He has not worn jeans since he was infant due to button issues. He is stuck wearing sweat pants or athletic pants and at 7 he notices. He gets very upset because he can't wear jeans to school like the other boys in his class because he just wants to belong. These jeans would allow him to be like his peers and for once forget a few of his struggles and just belong. It would make my little boy smile.


Brandilyn writes: My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with Moderate Autism, SPD and a Global Developmental Delay. I would love for him to be able to wear a pair of denim jeans that look just like everyone else. "Due to his delay, Zo is not able to fully dress himself and we rely on sweatpants since he lacks the skills to button or zip clothing. I would love for him to be able to wear a pair of denim jeans that look just like everyone else. Thank you for your consideration!!"


Betty writes: "I would like to see my brother in a pair of jeans that look like real blue jeans. He is a vet from the Nam war. He is now blessed with Agent Orange, has respiratory problems, walks with walker and his hands are deformed, etc. He is home bound unless we take him to the V.A. for testing. He would like a pair of blue jeans for such outings. So hard to find them in the stores with mock fly and elastic pull up waist."

Down syndrome

Leah writes: "I have 6 kids with Down syndrome, 5 of them are adopted. My oldest, 19 year old Angela, has owned several pairs of Downs Designs. My next two, Axel 15 and Abel 12, are able to manage buttons and fasteners, and so far can wear standard jean sizes. However my youngest three kids, Asher, Amos and Audrey, all 11 years old. None of them are able to manage zippers or snaps, and being 11 years old we try to give them as much independence as possible, but it’s getting more difficult to find elastic waist clothes that 1) fit and 2) are stylish. "Allow them to be more independent in their daily lives, and fit in with their peers."

Lou Gehrig’s
Muscular Dystrophy
Many More

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