Adopt A Jean Recipients 8/5/16

1.  Jennifer nominated her son Eli.  Eli is 8 years old

2.  Tara nominated her son Kaeden, Kaeden is 4 years old

Jennifer writes:  Eli was born on May 6, 2008. We did not know he had Down syndrome until he was born. Eli spent 10 days in the NICU with a PDA that did not immediately close on its own. After Eli came home from the hospital, We were blessed with a wonderful healthy baby with no major health issues. Eli began going to therapy at around 3 months old. He has worked so hard and excelled in physical therapy. He now no longer has to have physical therapy. He speaks with a limited vocabulary but communicates with many signs. He loves to climb, play any sport with a ball, swim, run, ride his scooter, and he’s working on riding his bike without training wheels. Eli Also loves to sing. He just completed first grade at our neighborhood school, and this year Eli will be homeschooling with his two older sisters. Eli also loves reading books!! He attends our church each week and plays soccer in the fall. We could not be prouder or our sweet boy! This little boy is super silly, has an incredible personality, and has changed our family for the better.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? Eli has had a few accidents because he can’t get his pants undone fast enough. This hasn’t happened often, but no button, zipper, or belt would aid him in being faster at getting to the restroom. He is also between sizes so some pants are either way too long or way too short.

Tara writes:  Kaeden is the 3rd child of 3 boys. None of his clothes fit correctly and we don’t have the funds to have them made for him. He has eating issues that require us to drive for 7 hours once a month for a team of doctors to help him. He is stuck on purées and only 2 flavors. I feel bad going places because his shirt is too big so it covers his belly. His pants are way too long and he trips over them because they drop so low on his hips. Shorts fit like capris which don’t look good on boys, especially young ones.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?  It would be nice to dress him up in something that fits so he is dressed as nicely as he is cute.

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