1.  Kayla nominated her son Jade.  Jade is 7 years old.

2.  Erica nominated her son Adams.  Adams is 13 years old.

Kayla writes:  “Jade was born with several physical deformities, including bilateral cleft lip and palate, “club” arm (radial dysplasia – right arm) and no thumbs (hypoplasia) on either hand. Jade has had a total of 14 surgeries in just 7 years to repair his cleft lip and palate. We are also preparing for surgery next year to attempt to “create a thumb” out of his index finger on his left arm. According to doctors, Jade will never have a “normal” right arm or be able to have the “create a thumb” surgery on his right hand. He will always have to have assistance with his pants or wear sweatpants because he cannot button and unbutton jeans”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?  “Being a second grader and having to ask teachers for help with his pants is causing other children to make fun of him, and he comes home from school upset frequently. We’ve tried many different devices to assist him with the buttons and zippers but he doesn’t have the functionality to be able to work them. We used to buy pants that were stretch-tops for him, but they stopped making them once he got bigger. He primarily tries to wear athletic pants so he doesn’t feel different, but these don’t allow him to stay as warm as jeans would and also don’t last anywhere near as long. Jade would benefit from these jeans so much because he could feel independent again and be able to wear what his friends wear at school?.

Erica writes:  “Adams was born with multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, low muscle tone, and hyperflexible joints. He just had surgery to replace a tendon and relocated his knee cap and is in a knee brace. He also has sensory issues”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?  “He has trouble finding jeans that fit due to his low core muscle tone because it makes his belly look round, while his legs and hips are slim. He needs help with buttons and zippers also but wants and needs the privacy 13-year-olds have. Having a pair of your jeans would give him the independence teenage boys crave without completely exhausting and frustrating himself and the soft fabric would help with his sensory issues”.

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