Adopt A Jean Nominee Entry Form 11/18/16

Sherry nominated her son Joshua.  Joshua is 7 years old.

Sherry writes:  “Joshua has FASD, he was born addicted to crack cocaine and has multiple diagnoses. He was born very fragile. We took him home from the NICU and adopted him by the time he was a year old. Joshua has had a very, very hard time coping with his world. We love our sweet boy and want to give him every opportunity that his peers have”. 

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life: “Due to medications and an eating disorder he is a very large boy and has sensory issues along with bowel and bladder issues. He HATES pants. All the pants that we can find to fit all have the push through button, he physically/mentally cannot button and unbutton them this has led to embarrassing accidents at school. He cries every time we attempt to put pants on him. We have searched and searched for something rather than sweatpants to work for him. A pair of these would not only be a blessing to us but to Joshua he would be able to fit in with his peers and not be embarrassed by not being able to manipulate his clothing”.

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