Adopt A Jean Recipient 1/20/2017

Taylor nominated her brother Beau.  Beau is 13 years old.

Taylor writes: Beau entered this world with a great surprise. During her pregnancy, his mother was unaware that he would have Down syndrome. When she held him in her arms, she knew. She knew that he was special. Knowing nothing about Down syndrome and being in an area of the country with little to no support for parents with Down syndrome, this was a huge challenge. His mother dedicated her time attending seminars many hours away, reading, and researching on how to be the best mother for him that she could be. Beau is the youngest of his mothers 3 children. Having two older sisters and a single mother, he was the man of the house and quickly learned how to wrap them around his finger. He quickly became everyone’s favorite person. After his birth and during his early childhood, Beau was very fortunate in regards to his health. At the age of 7, things began to change. Beau began exhibiting odd behavior, which led to an epilepsy diagnosis. Beau is now 13 and is still struggling with epilepsy. Beau is blessed with the opportunity to attend public school, where he is treated like a celebrity. When asked what his favorite subject is, “lunch” is his reply. He has amazing educators who do everything they can to ensure that he has the education he deserves. Beau‘s mother does not have to worry about him while he is at school because she knows he is loved and taken care of. He also has a large group of friends who care for him deeply. Beau is showered with hugs and high fives every time he enters the building. Beau loves to make people smile and laugh. He loves to eat and dance. He can “hit the quan,” “juju on that beat,” and “lean and dab” just like every other 13 year old boy. He is completely obsessed with basketball. Because of his love for the sport, many people gift him basketballs. He is completely elated with every basketball he gets. Beau is a true representation of love. His challenges teach patience, endurance, determination, and compassion. Beau truly is special”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? “Like many other individuals with Downs, it is nearly impossible to find jeans that fit Beau appropriately. Sweatpants have been a key statement to Beau‘s wardrobe for most of his life. When we are able to find a pair, we have to have them tailored to his short stature and he is required to wear a belt. The buttons and belts cause irritation under Beau‘s belly. At this stage of his life, Beau is unable to wear sweatpants (see note below). A pair of these jeans would be more comfortable for Beau and would solve this ongoing issue for him. With his health issues and poor fine motor skills, Beau is unable to dress himself, especially in jeans. A pair of these jeans would enable Beau to live more independently.

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