Adopt A Jean Recipient 11/25/16

 Lisa nominated her son Alex.  Alex is 21 years old.

 Lisa writes: “My son Alex has Fragile X syndrome, autism, and bipolar disorder and is unable to work zippers or buttons. I have tried and tried clothing options but end up having to put him in sweatpants so he can go to the bathroom independently. The sweats are always sliding down and everyone has seen his butt who meets him. I’m sad for him. Adaptive clothing is crazy expensive and I’m a single mom. Most of them look like old men jeans anyway and I just don’t know how to help him. To make it more difficult, he’s put on a lot of weight and needs a 45-inch waist. He has d no interest in losing weight so it’s a constant battle”. 

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?  “Alex needs his dignity as we all do. It’s hard to be dignified when your pants come down all the time”. 


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