Adopt A Jean Recipient 5/1/18

Cheryl nominated her son Silas.  Silas is 10 years old

Cheryl writes:  “When you look up “amazing” in the dictionary you will find a photo of Silas. He is truly an amazing individual. We adopted Silas from China 5 years ago. He will be 11 in a couple of weeks. Silas is in the 4th grade and loves to play soccer and baseball. He is a great student and loves to learn. He is currently learning how to tell time. Oh….and Silas has Down Syndrome. Adding Silas to our family was our best decision ever!!”
How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?
Silas dresses independently. He likes to pick out his own clothes also. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find pants that fit Silas proportionately. We have to buy pants to fit his waist and then they are always too long. Since I dont know how to sew Silas is always rolling up his pants. I have no doubt that he would love a pair of jeans that don’t have all of that extra material.

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