Adopt a Jean Recipient 6/29/2017

Laurie nominated her son Tyler.  Tyler is 26 years old

Laurie writes:  “Tyler, my sweet son, is at that age where he’s rebelling against us a bit because he so desperately wants to lead his own life and be his own person. He has been through quite a bit; moving from Texas to Florida and having to find a new social circle, graduating from high school and having to start a new social Circle again, he lost his job, his grandmother (whom he spoke with every day and absolutely adored) passed away several months ago, and just this week experienced Hurricane Irma!”

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life?  “I would love to see the pride on his face when he put on a pair of jeans that actually fit! Jeans that make him proud to have Downs, that he knows he looks sharp wearing! He’s pretty down on himself and a new pair of jeans THAT FIT might help him feel better about himself.

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