Adopt a Jean Recipient 6/5/2017

Reba nominated her son Ray.  Ray is 13 years old

Reba writes: “Ray only has one pair of jeans that fit properly. His height and waist size are not a common combination. But his three older brothers all wear jeans to school, and now Ray is in the middle school and wants to wear jeans like his brothers instead of knit pants. He is becoming more independent and more aware of how he is viewed by his peers. He wants to wear jeans like other kids and like his brothers do. He does pretty well with buttons and zippers but finding jeans that fit his unique size has been a problem”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? “A pair of jeans that fit would make it easier for Ray to fit in with his peers. While his school classes are with other Life Skills students, he does participate in the school musical with the typical school population, and he wants to be friends with all the students. If he had more than one pair of jeans, he would feel like a “big kid”.

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