Adopt A Jean recipient 7/1/16

Sonya nominated her daughter, Kelsey.  Kelsey is 9 years old.

Sonya writes:  My Kelsey is 9 years old. She is something else, sometimes I think she knows way more then she’s letting on. I had two boys first and I thought they were bossy I know she’s the ruler of the roost, always telling her brother, “no game just Elsa DVD lol”. Well, thanks so much for any help you may provide we truly appreciate it.
How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life?  “Well, we are always buying clothes that just don’t fit right always having to be hemmed etc, it’s very hard to find anything I have learned to sew and that’s how some of her things are made by me.  A pair of jeans would be great”

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