Adopt A Jean Recipient 8/19/16

1.  Tracy nominated her daughter Sydney.  Sydney is 9 years old

2.  Mary nominated her daughter Alyssa.  Alyssa is 17 years old

Tracy writes:  “Sydney is a pretty typical little girl. She loves to dress up and primp like her older sister. As she has gotten older its become more difficult to find clothes that fit her comfortably. So as we head into a new school year (3rd grade) I’m looking for new options in clothing for her that will fit and also be ‘in style’. Thanks for the help”.

Mary writes:  “Alyssa is joy…..She is so loving and even though she has limited verbal skills, she loves to talk to others and make them smile. We adopted Alyssa at age 4 and she is our lives’ greatest blessing. We actually have started a pageant for special needs individuals that celebrate the true beauty of those in the DD community. Through donation and volunteers we are on our 3rd year. Alyssa has been through a lot, including surgeries etc. but she always wears a smile. I have heard about your jeans and would love to be able to get Alyssa a pair. Honestly, things have been difficult over the past 3 yrs. because I have lupus and unfortunately, I have been quite ill and I have become disabled and we are just buried in medical debt/expense. With that said, we are still blessed because Alyssa is definitely a blessing.”

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life?  “Alyssa has Dygvve Melchoir Claussen Syndrome which means her bones don’t form properly, she has no muscle tone and her mobility will become more and more affected. It also means she is no bigger than an 8-year-old and therefore she has a very difficult time finding clothes that fit …She loves jeans but we cannot find something that works for her and having a pair that worked would be so exciting for her”.

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