Adopt A Jean Recipients 7/22/16

1. Melissa nominated her son Justine.  Justine is 28 years old

2. Lauren nominated her friend Judy.  Judy is 17 years old

Melissa writes:  “Justin has Downs….big around the middle … short stocky & sassy!  Lol!!! He will not wear jeans because he does not like the way they fit. Says to tight and rub his belly”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in their life? : “I could actually get him to dress nicer”.

Lauren writes:  “I met Judy a few years ago while working on a PSA video about Down syndrome. She is spunky, outgoing and so joyful. Judy can light up any room the second she enters it. Her spirit is contagious and she brings so much love and joy into the lives of many and I am truly blessed to know her”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life? “Judy and her mom Kim have a non-profit called Gifts for the Heart for Downs, granting wishes to people with Down syndrome. Judy works so hard to make wishes come true for others with Down syndrome and to make them happy. She also loves fashion and would love a new pair of custom fit jeans! She would be quite the model for your jeans too I am sure”!

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