Adopt A Jean Recipients 7/29/16

1.  Jill nominated her son Joseph.  Joseph is 10 years old

2.  Sara nominated her sister Summer.  Summer is 29 years old

Jill writes:  “Summer is 29 and she has Down Syndrome. She is on the local Special Olympics bowling team. She enjoys spending time with her nephew who is going on 13 and her baby niece who is about 18 months old. She LOVES everything Disney, colors beautiful pictures. She loves to sing and dance and just have fun. It’s very hard not to be in a good mood when spending time with Summer. She lives up to her name with an always sunny attitude”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? :”She stands about 4’11. She is like the rest of the women in her family, built with a small waist and a larger bottom. Having Down Syndrome this is accentuated. She doesn’t like to wear shorts, she’s always more comfortable in jeans, however, even purchasing a petite is too long. She’s always having to roll up her jeans so she doesn’t walk on them. She wants to be able to wear the cute jeans with jewels on the bottom but none of them ever fit. Typically they are too long, or too small in the bottom, and if the bottom fits, the waist gaps so much she has to wear a longer undershirt to keep her underwear from showing. She loves clothes and being able to sport a cute pair of jeans would really make her day”.

Sara writes:  “I have a child, Joseph, with Down Syndrome. We have difficulty finding britches that cover his backside. Often his shirts will ride up and expose the crack of his behind. The kids at school notice and often point it out. Joseph’s teacher has even called to tell me that this is an issue. We have tried overalls but the straps are distracting to him and difficult to take off for the toilet. Joseph likes independence, especially going to the toilet. Last year during the little Olympics his school had, Joseph ran in the relay. One hand was holding the baton, the other the back of his pants to keep them from falling down. We have yet to find a pair of pants that he can move comfortably in, will stay up, and that he can easily manipulate for the toilet.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life?  “I would hope these jeans will fit his shape so that he can run without fear of his pants falling down. That he won’t be mooning the entire 4th grade if he sits and can feel less like a baby and more like a young man when it comes to the toilet”.

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