Adopt A Jean Recipients 8/12/16

1.  Heather nominated her daughter Alivia.  Alivia is 3 years old

2.   Crystal nominated her daughter Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is 15 years old

Heather writes:  “Alivia has fought to live her life since day one. She was born with TMD (something similar to leukemia) and it almost took her life. On her first birthday, she was diagnosed with AML. I almost lost her during her treatment of This horrid illness as well. She is now 18 months cancer free and thriving. I thank God for my sweet girl every single day. I am a single mother and things are not always easy, but she is ALWAYS my reason to smile.”

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life? : To have clothes that actually fit her, correctly, would surely make her life easier. To this day, she has not worn teal jeans, only jeggings. Store bought pants just don’t fit her and make it difficult for her to get up on the couch, as well as to crawl.

 Crystal writes:  “My daughter was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome, which came as a surprise to everyone involved in my prenatal care. She has been the biggest blessing & the greatest joy of my life. She is 15, stubborn as can be at times…full of personality & just an all around amazing kid. She has opened my eyes, my heart & my mind in a way nothing else could. She inspires me to be the best person & the best mom I am capable of being. While it isn’t always easy & each day can bring new challenges, every single second is worth it”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life? “Having something fit her in all the ways they should has been difficult to find. I think having something custom fit to her measurements would be more comfortable for her to wear, which makes all the difference in the world”.

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