Adopt A Jean Recipients 9/16/16

1.  Celeste nominated her son Aaron.  Aaron is 13 years old

2.  Joann nominated her daughter Claira.  Claira is 13 years old

Celeste writes:  “Aaron is a wonderful young man with a heart of gold. He has seen so much in his young life watching his mother go through countless chemotherapy treatments for four years. He shows caring and compassion for her all the time especially when she is at her sickest. Watching him come up to her and gently rub her face and head saying it will be ok. Aaron is mostly non-verbal and communicates in sign and small words.
How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? : Four years of aggressive cancer treatments and other health issues on Nicole have placed such a burden on this loving family. Being a four-year pancreatic cancer survivor is a miracle in itself, but in 2015 Nicole was also diagnosed with a right ventricle maximo caused by having a chemotherapy port for 4 years. It is in operatable due to her cancer. Aaron’s older sister Cassandra will be starting at the University of Buffalo after graduating High Honors from Lancaster HS. They are so proud of both their children and give to them so much love and support. Young Aaron has grown out of all his elastic pants and without this help his only option would be sweatpants because they do not make jeans or dress with an elastic waist in his size.

Joann writes: “Claira is our beautiful daughter born with Down syndrome! Claira has had a lot of challenges in her life with Down syndrome including AV heart repair with complications from her surgery she lost her digits (fingers and toes). Hirschsprungs disease, Hip dysplasia and Alopecia (loss of hair). We were told when she was born she would never be able to swallow, but Claira has proven to a lot of people that she “can” do it! She is a very happy, fun-loving young lady even with all of her challenges. She surprises people in what she can do without fingers even though some things are very challenging without the fingers. (like buttons and zippers).”

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in her life? “With the loss of her digits and not being able to master buttons and zippers we think your clothing would be perfect for her, to make her more independent of getting dressed.

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