Support A Veteran/Adopt A Jean Recipient 3/3/17

Wesley nominated himself.  Wesley is 70 years old.

Wesley writes:  “I’m a 100% VA service-connected Vietnam era and Persian Gulf War veteran of both Army and Air Force service with SCI and in a wheelchair for a few decades now. In my medical retirement, I’ve been active in veterans organizations and particularly in one-on-one situations helping vets with VA issues. .” Just call me lucky.” The only other trousers I find online is really old man stuff, easily worn out”.

How would a pair of our jeans make a difference in his life? : “Jeans with an elastic top would help me get dressed more easily by myself when necessary but certainly make it easier on my wife helping me when she does. VA provides a clothing allowance which I use up too quickly each year with damaged clothing as I have to replace both upper and lower body clothing too frequently”.

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