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#DesignForAll Strengthens The Voice For Inclusive Design With Event at The White House


Downs Designs Dreams is very humbled to have just attended an event celebrating inclusive design, assistive technology, and prosthetics hosted at The White House in Washington D.C.

The event brought innovators and leaders together highlighting ways that assistive technology breaks down barriers, reduces stigma, and improves the quality of life for Americans with disabilities, and showcased innovative manufacturing, programs, and policies occurring at the local level.

Opening remarks were made by U.S. Chief Data Scientist D.J. Patil regarding innovation. Next, a panel discussion took place featuring Pradeep Sharma of the Rhode Island Institute of Design, Matthew Walzer and Tobie Hatfield of Nike FLYEASE, and designer Kathy D. Woods. Following the discussion, the event featured an inclusive fashion show, an opportunity to highlight the innovators in this space, help destigmatize disability, and promote the use of assistive technology more broadly.

Downs Designs Dreams announced two very important developments within the organization, both of which were highlighted during the event:

Downs Designs Jeans Sheryl White House Event

Expansion: Downs Designs Dreams donates NBZ Apparel’s two brands of clothing. The Downs Designs clothing is designed for the unique body shape of a person with Down syndrome and the NBZ brand assists those of standard size. All pants have no buttons, zippers or tags, a full elastic waistband, belt loops, mock fly and the fabric is soft and stretchy. They are stylish and comfortable and instill confidence and independence in all who wear them. Today, they are announcing that they are expanding donation options and will now supply khakis and black dress pants through their programs. The new additions will assist those within other social, schooling, formal, and employment settings. Downs Designs Dreams solely donates clothing through their programs, the clothing can be purchased online at



Downs Designs Dreams Support A Veteran Program White House Event


Donating to Veterans in Need: Through their Support-A-Veteran Program DDD reached out to the Cleveland VA to facilitate a donation of 50 pairs of jeans. Building off of this success, the VA Strategic Partnerships team is announcing today that it has partnered with DDD to bring their NBZ jeans to other Veterans in need. To date, DDD has donated over 150 pairs of jeans, to several VA centers across the country, representing over $7,000 of merchandise to Veterans thus far.


The event was live-streamed. The conversation can be reviewed using #DesignForAll. Click here for The White House’s Press Release containing more information: Designing for All



 Kathy Woods KDW Collection

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