Downs Designs Dreams Resource Page

Downs Designs Dreams' Partnered Resource Listing

Downs Designs Dreams (Dreams) advocates disability awareness and promotes independence and instills confidence by donating a special clothing line. Dreams seeks to be recognized nationwide as a leading advocate and service provider for people living with permanent or temporary disabilities and proudly provides this Disability Resource Listing through a Partnership with NBZ Apparel.

Disability Services, Organizations, and News

Disability Resources, Support Organizations, and Disability News Sites

Inclusive Fashion Resources & Partners

Other Inclusive Clothing Companies and Resources Specializing in Adaptive Clothing

Amputee Resources

Resources for Amputees 

Alzheimer's Resources

Resources for Alzheimer's and Those Living with Dementia in Need of Easy Wear Clothing.

Arthritis Resources

Resources for Arthritis and Those Living with Dexterity Challenges 

Autism Resources

Resources for Autism and the Families with Members on the Autism Spectrum 

Down Syndrome Resources

Resources for Down Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy - CP Resources

Resources for Cerebral Palsy and Families with Members Born with CP

Huntington's Disease Resources

Resources for Huntington's Disease 

Multiple Sclerosis - MS Resources

Resources for Multiple Sclerosis 

Parkinson's Resources

Resources for Parkinson's Disease and Families Living with Parkinson's

Seniors - Elderly Resources

Senior Resources and Resource for the Elderly

Spinal Bifida & Spinal Cord Injuries - SCI Resources

Spinal Cord Injury Resources and Resources for Spinal Bifida 

Stroke Rehabilitation Resources

Resources for Stroke Rehabilitation and Families Recovering from a Stroke

Veteran Resources

Resources for Veterans and Disabled Veteran Resources