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Dress Down to Dress our Veterans: Support-A-Veteran Program

Are you part of company or organization that would love to show support towards our nation’s veterans? A simple Dress Down to Dress our Veterans initiative could go a long way in supporting Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Program. Dreams will be revamping efforts to assist more veterans through their program that donates stylish specialty clothing to disabled or wounded veterans, veteran organizations, and veteran hospitals. Charitable partnerships are the primary force driving the program’s success and the most critical asset towards future growth.

Fundraising efforts have been assisted by passionate businesses who have shared a commitment towards our veterans in various ways. The most popular method has been businesses executing dress down initiatives. These programs are been led by the businesses themselves, allowing employees to donate small amounts towards the Support-A-Veteran program and in exchange are granted the opportunity to wear casual and comfortable attire within their work settings. Some companies have even matched the charitable proceeds their employees contributed. The dress down initiatives also have become very popular when paired with fan and sporting attire.

Because of the limited clothing options for people with disabilities or dressing challenges, many often dress in clothes that don’t fit appropriately, address physical challenges, nor provide social practicality. These individuals oftentimes forced to choose comfort and independent dressing instead. The higher prices attached to most adaptive wear clothing can also make the clothing they need financially unobtainable. These issues can create unfair and negative perceptions by those unaware of their dressing issues. Limited and restricted clothing options can even deteriorate one’s own self-image triggering social isolation.

Thank You Jenniffer and Co. for your work completing a donation request within the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

Downs Designs Dreams has already donated hundreds of pairs of NBZ Jeans and khakis to seven different VA Hospitals across the country. The success has developed into a national partnership with The United States Department of Veteran Affairs. The partnership is aiding efforts and extending the organization’s reach to benefit more veterans and veteran centers. The responses and letters following these donations fuel the organization’s passion and motivation. The organization was humbled to have attended The White House’s Inclusive “Design For All” event which highlighted the organization’s mission and veteran program’s importance. The program’s impact and awareness have continued to grow along with the requests that are being received; Dreams now has a goal to meet the recent requests of hundreds of pairs within several VA hospitals nationwide.

Downs Designs Dreams received additional support from My Kids Childcare Inc. who attached letters of appreciation for their veterans with every pair while completing a request for the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Downs Designs Dreams has partnered with NBZ Apparel to Donate NBZ Brand clothing. The pants are constructed of soft, stretchy, sensory friendly material, no buttons, zippers, or tags, and an elastic waistband. The pants do, however, allow for belt use, have a mock fly, and come in different fashionable styles. The clothing provides wardrobe solutions that match one’s peers while granting independent dressing for all. The organization has designed jeans for everyday living as well as a black dress and khaki option, assisting with other social, formal, and employment needs. The program has aided their independent dressing with comfortable, practical, and fashionable clothing benefitting several veteran populations including elderly, Parkinson’s, amputees, stroke victims, ALS, arthritis, combat injuries and more.

Downs Designs Dreams is actively searching for potential partnerships aiding fundraising allowing the program to benefit the lives of our veterans.  The organization has built a very impressive local and national social media presence with over 75,000 Facebook followers and would be honored to share the impact continued organizational partnerships have on the program.

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