Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Program honors submitted requests and donates NBZ’s Brand of fashionable adaptive wear clothing to individual veterans, veteran hospitals, and veteran organizations.

Downs Designs Dreams has formed a national partnership with the United States Department of Veteran Affairs assisting several VA Hospitals across the country. We will continue our mission to help more wounded and disabled veterans find dressing solutions by actively looking for more veterans we can assist as well as form partnerships with other businesses and organizations looking to aid fundraising efforts, essential to the program’s success. The program was recently featured at the White House’s Designing for All event highlighting its success and importance.

How Our Support-A-Veteran Program Works

Requests Through VA Hospitals & Veteran Organizations

Through the Program’s national partnership with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, we have worked with VA Hospitals across the country honoring their staff’s requests based off the veteran population in need. The Program has donated Hundreds of NBZ® clothing items to VA Hospitals in the cities of Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Central Texas, Long Beach, Memphis and Tampa. We are actively looking to build additional relationships and assist more veterans.

Downs Designs Dreams Working to Complete a Request of 151 Pairs for Veterans Within The Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital aided by the additions of Holiday cards from the children at My Kids Childcare.

How You Can Get Involved

Contributions from individual donors or sponsors along with fundraising partnerships are the essential force behind our program’s success. Several schools and businesses have been amazing partners by developing a “Dress Down to Dress Vets” program allowing employees to contribute small donations and in exchange wear casual or sporting attire within the workplace.

Submit A Veteran You Know 

Read Wayne’s story about how these jeans have made a difference in his life

My background includes being in the National Guard for 6 years, law enforcement for 31 years and for the past eight years have been working as a contracted Nuisance Wildlife trapper. As a trapper and outdoorsman, I am constantly in need of good denim jeans. Two years ago I had hip replacement surgery and discovered that wearing jeans with a regular waistband and leather belt was too uncomfortable during the post-op healing time. The regular waistband cut into the top of the incision area when I was sitting, bending and stooping. My wife found the website for NBZ® jeans and we decided to order them to see if they would prevent irritation of the incision. The jeans were the answer to my pain. The elastic waistband doesn’t constrict the circulation and is flexible enough so I can sit, bend & stop without pain in the incision area. The fabric is excellent. It has stayed true to color and fit in spite of many, many washings. The denim fabric is also tough enough to withstand the hard use it gets resumed my trapping business. I need to walk through swamps, road ditches, wooded trails and bend over to set and check traps as well as use my legs to lift equipment and animals.I have also had compliments on their fit – which at age 70 made me feel pretty good! I highly recommend these jeans to anyone who has limited flexibility or lower extremity mobility. They are easy to get on, my shirt stays tucked in and they look good enough for going to church.

Wayne Thom

We take pride in our efforts to help our wounded and disabled veterans find solutions to some of their dressing challenges through our SUPPORT-A-VETERAN / ADOPT-A-JEAN® Program.

Our NBZ® brand clothing is a perfect dressing solution. These pants are stylish, comfortable and have no button or zipper. They have a full elastic waistband, mock fly, belt loops and the material is soft and stretchy. They are easy to pull up and down, giving those who wear them independence to dress themselves and confidence knowing they look great.

NBZ Apparel Jeans is available for purhcase on their website.  Click Here.

Downs Designs Dreams as a 501(c)3 corporation solely donates clothing to those in need through the organization's Adopt-A-Jean Programs.... NBZ and Downs Designs Brand clothing can be purchased at Dismiss