About Us

Downs Designs Dreams is a 501(c)3 Corporation 
8796 Tyler Blvd.
Mentor, Oh  44060

Downs Designs Dreams Purpose Statement

Downs Designs Dreams (Dreams) advocates disability awareness and promotes independence and instills confidence by donating a special clothing line. Dreams seeks to be recognized nationwide as a leading advocate and service provider for people living with permanent or temporary disabilities. Dreams also seeks to establish itself as the standard of excellence for community engagement in education, advocacy, service and fundraising through its Adopt-a-Jean® programs. Downs Designs Dreams is a 501(c)3 corporation. 

Our Programs

Adopt-A-Jean® Friday – You may be asking what is Adopt-A-Jean® Friday.  This program allows anyone to request a pair of our jeans be donated to someone they know or love.  It can be their child, a relative, a friend, a student, or someone in their care.  They submit a story about that person that explains their daily clothing struggles and how our pants would make a difference.  We select two recipients every Friday.  Once we have chosen the recipient, we contact them immediate to get their sizing information.  We then send them several jeans to try on in the privacy of their own home.   We provide all the shipping back and forth as well.  When they have found the proper fit, they mark them for hemming or any other alteration, return them to us, we make the alterations and then ship them back to them, ready to wear!

Then we post their story on our web page to help educate others about their constant clothing challenges.  This helps build awareness and at the same time helps the recipient have more confidence and independence because he is wearing a pair of jeans that addresses many of their clothing challenges.  

Support-A-Veteran/Adopt-A-Jean®  The Support-A-Veteran /Adopt-A-Jean® Program continues our mission to help more elderly, disabled, and wounded veterans gain fashionable dressing solutions by donating our NBZ® Jeans. The program honors individual submissions through the Adopt-A-Jean® Friday Program and is also actively engaged in connecting with veteran groups, VA hospitals, and veteran organizations in order to assist larger veteran populations.  

Looking Toward the Future

We have come so far since we started and we are excited for what the future holds for us at Downs Designs Dreams. The public’s support has been amazing and we appreciate all your words of encouragement.  Please help us spread the word about our business to your family, friends and community groups. 

Message from Karen Bowersox:

As we turn the pages to the next chapter of this journey, do you wonder what’s next?  Well, we’ve built the foundation of our company on our Adopt-A-Jean® Friday program.  We donate our jeans to families in need.  Through this program, we hope to educate those who may not realize all the clothing challenges that people face when they or a loved one has a disability.  We also are involved with our wounded and disabled veterans.  We hundreds of pairs to several Veterans Hospitals. 

Downs Designs Dreams as a 501(c)3 corporation solely donates clothing to those in need through the organization's Adopt-A-Jean Programs.... NBZ and Downs Designs Brand clothing can be purchased at www.NBZApparel.com Dismiss